A Crack in Everything: Light Shining Through a Wall

Dr Ian Bailey, Department of Physics, Lancaster University

Tuesday 13 November 2012, 1900-2000
The Storey Institute, Lancaster

Might the familiar light waves that we use to view our surroundings have exotic cousins? Some models of our Universe include waves akin to light waves but which cannot interact with the ordinary matter that we're all made of. If these waves exist, they would not be trapped inside a mirrored box but would travel freely through the walls. Dr Ian Bailey explores "light shining through a wall" experiments and considers the seemingly mad task of looking for light appearing inside a sealed box.

Making Waves - Physics for All

This autumn, the University's Department of Physics will host it's inaugural programme of public lectures in Lancaster City Centre. Entitled "Making Waves", the series of six lectures will showcase the cutting edge research that takes place in the UK's top-rated physics department. From the smallest subatomic particles, to the daunting scale of the cosmos, from the lowest temperatures possible to the super-heated atmosphere of the Sun, Lancaster physicists will take you on a journey through our understanding of the Universe.

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