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Inclusive, Diverse, Fair — Juno

Lancaster physicists with their Juno award Dr Laura Kormos accepted the Juno Champion award, on behalf of the Department, at the Institute of Physics awards ceremony in London on November 15th 2013

Lancaster University Physics Department is a friendly, medium sized department that has been rated by the REF as one of the UK's top research departments.

With a warm and diverse atmosphere, on-campus daycare for under-fives and a high proportion of female physics professors compared to the national average (15% c/w 4%), we welcome everyone and are strongly committed to fostering diversity within our community as a source of excellence, cultural enrichment, and social strength.

Our family-friendly policy includes flexible working hours, a nursery school for the convenience of staff, students, and members of the public, (although staff and students get discount rates) and maternity and paternity leave policies.

Dr Iain Bertram, Reader, with his son walking near Littledale

   "Lancaster is a delightful place to work and live with a family. With easy access to the surrounding countryside and safe streets we enjoy the great outdoors all through the year."

Juno at Lancaster

Lancaster University takes part in the IOP's Juno project, which addresses the problem of the very low proportion of women in physics, especially in higher academic posts. (Just 1 in 5 undergraduates and lecturers and 1 in 25 physics professors in the UK are women).

We are delighted to have been awarded Juno Champion status in July 2013, but we know that the road does not end there. The good practices and procedures that have led to this prestigious award will continue to be implemented and evolved through the coming years.

These include procedures such as:

  • Identifying discrepancies in the proportion of women applying for academic posts compared with the proportion that receive and accept offers
  • Monitoring staff and student views with regular surveys and questionnaires for both men and women
  • Setting up a Juno committee and a Women in Physics group, which meet on a regular basis
  • Setting up the Physics Staff Advisory Committee with elected representatives from different staff groups within the Department


Dr Laura Kormos, Lecturer

"As the Juno Committee chairperson at Lancaster I am proud of many of the changes that the committee has made in our department.

"We have initiated practices which have made an already-good department better, by introducing or strengthening procedures which are transparent and by encouraging dialogue between diverse groups within the department.

"The Juno committee fosters openness, collegiality and support, and seeks to ensure that all members of the department feel valued and well-represented in decision-making.

"This enhances the working life of both men and women, students and staff. At Lancaster, this endeavour is greatly assisted by the support and participation of virtually all of the staff members, who are committed to encouraging women to study and work in physics at Lancaster."


Gemma Anderson, Lancaster MPhys graduate - now studying for a Ph.D

"Lancaster is a great place to study. The staff in the physics department are very friendly, helpful and offer lots of encouragement and support. I spent my third year at the University of California San Diego - it was a fantastic experience!"


Dr Manus Hayne, Senior Lecturer.

Manus is one of the many members of the Department who cycle or walk into work using the University's cycle path, while many others make use of the frequent, subsidised bus service.