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Undergraduate Course Handbooks

The definitive source of all information about our courses, assessment procedures and the regulations pertaining to teaching in the Department.

Year Updated
28 October 2015
26 November 2014
7 January 2014
11 December 2012
16 August 2012


For all teaching materials for individual lecture and practical modules. Includes module worksheets, lecture notes and laboratory manuals.

Teaching Timetables

Lecture and practical modules are updated as and when necessary, please check regularly for changes.

You can do this via your student portal or iLancaster.

A printed copy for information only will be displayed on your notice-board in the Physics Foyer.


Promoting Physics Learning And Teaching Opportunities (PPLATO)

PPLATO is a resource to support the teaching of physics and maths.

PPLATO - h-FLAP Instructions:

All PCs in the campus computer laboratories (including B13 in Physics) have a link to h-flap under Start > Programs.

You may also be able to access this resource from your own PC. To do this you need to connect to the PPLATO server first. In Windows XP:

  1. Choose Run... from the Windows Start menu
  2. Type mstsc in the dialogue box
  3. Enter the server name: py-pplato
  4. Use your usual Lancaster University username and password

Introduction to LaTeX

LaTeX is a typesetting system that is very suitable for producing scientific and mathematical documents of high typographical quality. It is also suitable for producing all sorts of other documents, from simple letters to complete books.

This short introduction describes LaTeX2e and should be sufficient for most applications of LaTeX.