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Group Coordinator
 Sarah Badman

Student Contact
 Louise Crook


Department of Physics
Lancaster University


Lancaster University's Women in Physics group welcomes
undergraduates, postgraduates, RAs and academics


The Women in Physics group sponsors events throughout the year - everyone's welcome:

14 Oct 2015
Charles Carter A17
20 Jan 2016
'Should I do a PhD?'
9 March 2016
'How I succeeded in science'
4 May 2016
'Discussions on research paths'

All events 1-2pm - venues TBA


Recent events

A Woman's Place...?


Who are we?!

The women in physics group provides a forum for the women in the department to get together to get to know one another better, discuss research and make new contacts.

Woman In Physics Group A cake-off, sponsored by the Department's Women in Physics group, was enjoyed by many women, including students from all undergraduate years, post-grads, post-docs, and academic staff

The group meets regularly and holds events including lunches, discussion forums and careers briefings.

Recently we launched our innovative partnership scheme between undergraduates and postgraduates/postdocs.

The aim of the scheme is to improve relations between women at different stages of their careers, and to provide undergraduates with a first port of call for advice on physics-related matters such as careers and research options.

Lancaster physics has over 50 female undergraduates and more than 20 women at postgraduate level and above, including 5 members of academic staff. It has achieved Juno Champion status, under an Institute of Physics programme designed to advance women's careers in physics higher education.

Prof Farideh Honary, Physics department:

Lancaster Department of Physics Athena SWAN Silver award Prof Farideh Honary and Dr Laura Kormos receiving an Athena SWAN Silver award.

"The Physics Department at Lancaster has been awarded an Athena SWAN Silver award in recognition of its commitment to Athena SWAN's charter principles. We attribute our excellence in research and teaching to our departmental culture of fairness and openness which applies equally to all students and staff, and the transparency of our decision-making processes. We believe that by embedding the Athena SWAN principles of equality and fairness as part of all of our processes we have provided a vibrant and diverse environment for all staff and students to fulfill their aspirations."

Prof Peter Ratoff, Head of Department:

Lancaster Department of Physics is a Juno Champion Dr Laura Kormos and Head of Department Prof Peter Ratoff at the IOP awards ceremony in November 2013.

"The department fully supports the Juno initiative and saw it as a priority for us to attain Juno Champion status."

"We see our Women in Physics group as a welcome development in the department and a key component in our attempt to attain Champion status."


Lancaster Department of Physics is a Juno Championr




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What some of our group have to say...

Dr Laura Kormos

Cherry Canovan
PhD student

Ida Larsen