Beyond the Big Bang

Dr Anupam Mazumdar, Department of Physics, Lancaster University

Tuesday 23 October 2012, 1900-2000
The Storey Institute, Lancaster

Cosmological research indicates that our Universe began with an explosive expansion from a hot and dense state some 13.7 billion years ago - an event know as the Big Bang. But the concept of our Universe having a beginning prompts many further questions. What was there before the Big Bang? How has our Universe became so big and old? What powers our Universe and how long will it last? Might there be many different universes? How many habitable zones are there in our Universe and what can we learn about them? Dr Anupam Mazumdar will consider the cosmos and try to tackle these mind-boggling questions.

Making Waves - Physics for All

This autumn, the University's Department of Physics will host it's inaugural programme of public lectures in Lancaster City Centre. Entitled "Making Waves", the series of six lectures will showcase the cutting edge research that takes place in the UK's top-rated physics department. From the smallest subatomic particles, to the daunting scale of the cosmos, from the lowest temperatures possible to the super-heated atmosphere of the Sun, Lancaster physicists will take you on a journey through our understanding of the Universe.

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