Neutrinos are not ice cream (and other quantum nursery rhymes) SOLD OUT

Dr Laura Kormos, Department of Physics, Lancaster University

Tuesday 09 October 2012, 1900-2000
The Storey Institute, Lancaster

Neutrinos recently made the big-time news by threatening to travel faster than the speed of light - behaviour that would fundamentally challenge our understanding of the universe. It seems that it was, for now, an empty threat and neutrinos are subject to the same cosmic speed limit as everything else. But what are neutrinos? If they travelled faster than light, wouldn't we already know? Dr Laura Kormos takes a look at these mysterious fundamental particles and discusses their bizarre properties, which sometimes is easier to do using rhymes and other times is easier using ice cream!

Making Waves - Physics for All

This autumn, the University's Department of Physics will host it's inaugural programme of public lectures in Lancaster City Centre. Entitled "Making Waves", the series of six lectures will showcase the cutting edge research that takes place in the UK's top-rated physics department. From the smallest subatomic particles, to the daunting scale of the cosmos, from the lowest temperatures possible to the super-heated atmosphere of the Sun, Lancaster physicists will take you on a journey through our understanding of the Universe.

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