Space Science Seminar: Studying the aurora with citizen science

Dr Nathan Case, Department of Physics, Lancaster University

Wednesday 28 October 2015, 1400-1500
Bowland North Seminar Room 20

The aurora (northern, or southern, lights) is a natural phenomenon that inspires interest in space weather by the general public. In fact, witnessing an aurora first-hand is often listed at the top of people’s “bucket lists” and services alerting the public as to when an aurora might be visible (such as Lancaster’s AuroraWatch UK) are incredibly popular.

In this seminar, Dr. Nathan Case will talk about his experience in using citizen science data to help better predict where an aurora might be visible from. Using data provided by the general public, both via the Aurorasaurus citizen science project and Twitter, we can get a real-time indication of when, and from where, an aurora is visible. These observations can further be used to help improve and develop our auroral models as well as providing us with potential scientifically useful results.