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Project: ESR on performance enhancement of single photon detector made of III-V semiconductors

Emna Amri

ID Quantique is the world leader in commercialization of single photon detectors for NIR light. Emna will work on each step of the development of single photon modules in order to enhance the performance of the final commercial detection module. She will mainly focus on two steps that are essential in the development of a good single photon detection module: the SPAD and the driving and readout circuit. The performance enhancement will be considered at different levels that are critical for the integration of single photon detection technique in industrial applications (e.g. optical performances, compatibility with photonic integrated chips, size and power consumption...).

Emna will closely collaborate with the University of Sheffield, which is an expert in design and fabrication of InGaAs SPAD, and might integrate their diodes in a prototype. Furthermore, she will help PROMIS partners working on single photon emitter development to characterize their samples.

Emna is 24 and comes from Tunisia. She graduated from Lycée Pilote de Sfax, the most elitist High-School in the country with honours. Soon afterward, she chose to join the Polytechnic Institute of scientific and technical studies of Marsa – Tunis (IPEST) where she studied, during two years, all kind of physics, mathematics, chemistry and engineering sciences. Emna discovered her natural penchant for physics and wanted to become a physicist. Therefore, she decided to move to France and join the Engineering School in Physics, Applied Physics, Electronics & Materials Sciences in Grenoble (Phelma) where she obtained her Bachelor Degree in 2013.

During her journey in Grenoble, Emna had the chance to do an internship in the Clean Room of STMicroelectronics-Crolles where she had to inspect the Silicon Wafers during their manufacturing cycle looking for defects. This micro-inspection gave Emna a first taste of integrated systems and was a pivotal point in making her realize that she wanted to be specialized in this field.

Emna has just obtained a master degree in Micro and nanotechnologies for integrated systems (September2015). This learning curriculum is an international master program between three universities; the Politecnico di Torino in Italy, Grenoble Institute of Technology in the heart of MINATECcampus and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland.

As a student, Emna was also one of the co-founders of Tun'Up a social and humanitarian non-profit organization that aims to promote education in Tunisia.

Emna is currently working as a full-time Analog Design & Hardware Research Engineer in ID Quantique – Geneva, the world leader in quantum-safe crypto solutions. She will also start a PhD research in the domain of Photon Counting & Integrated Photonics by the beginning of 2016 at Geneva University.

Mon 21 December 2015