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Project: ESR on Hydrogenation of dilute nitrides for single photon emitters in photonic crystals

Saeed Younis

Saeed registered as a PhD student at Sapienza Università di Roma and will carry out the majority of his research in the Physics Department in Rome.

The research will involve nano-structurization of dilute nitride materials by spatially controlled hydrogen irradiation. The produced nanostructures will be deterministically positioned into PhC microcavities in order to emphasize and exploit solid-state electrodynamic effects. The goal of the project is the realization of integrated single photon sources operating at 1.31 and 1.55 μm for telecom. He will join the Laboratory of Optical Spectroscopy of Nanostructured Materials in the Physics Department and will be supervised by Prof. Antonio Polimeni.

The attainment of the main objectives will be pursed using growth and lithography facilities available within the Network (Universities of Lancaster, Marburg, and Sheffield) and in collaboration with the theoretical group at Tyndall-UCC present in PROMIS.

Saeed obtained his bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Materials engineering from the Technion in 2005, and went to work as a cleanroom technician and a junior physicist at the Ilse Katz Institute for advanced research in Beer Shivaa, working mainly on developing carbon nanotube-based electronic devices. He obtained his MSc in materials engineering from the Technion in 2012 and has been working since then for the materials development section at HP Indigo.

Mon 21 December 2015