This website is designed to accompany the video "Soundings on Vibration" produced by Lancaster University Physics Department with a grant from the EPSRC's Public Awareness of Science Programme. It both supplements the video and develops some idea further. There are a number of links (those coloured red offer more technical information) that can be followed for additional information. To get a copy of this film please visit your local library.


Introduction Introduction

Mass, Acceleration and Force Acceleration and Force

Gravitational Forces Gravitational Forces

Continua Continua

Mechanical Vibrations & their Characteristic Modes Mechanical Vibrations

Friction Friction

Vibration of Drill Rigs Vibration of Drill Rigs


Vortex-Induced Vibrations Vortex-induced Vibrations

Feedback Feedback

Stable & Unstable Motion induced by Forced Vibrations Stable & Unstable Motion

Aerodynamics Aerodynamics

Human-induced Vibrations Human-induced Vibrations

Electromagnetism Electromagnetism

Probability Waves & Quantum Mechanics Probability Waves & Quantum Mechanics


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