Nonlinear Biomedical Physics

Department of Physics

Dr Tomislav Stankovski

Dr Tomislav Stankovski

My research topic is, “Tackling the inverse problem for non-autonomous systems: application to the life sciences”. The motivation for the research arises from the time-varying nature of biological systems, with the cardiovascular system being at the centre of our attention. The theoretical part of the research consists of analytical and numerical analysis of interacting non-autonomous oscillatory systems in the form of dynamical fields that are explicit functions of time dx/dt=f(x(t),t). The experimental part is carried out through data analysis of measured biomedical signals and analogue electronic simulations, conducted under controlled experimental conditions. The time-frequencies analysis with wavelet transform is often used to bridge the experimental with the theoretical investigation.

Up to now, I found the researching atmosphere in the group very friendly, and there is always somebody willing to help you or to answer your questions.


Blood vessel oscillations under human skin