Nonlinear Biomedical Physics

Department of Physics

Spase Petkoski

Spase Petkoski

My previous degree was in Electrical Engineering, but my fascination with physics is what has made me part of this group. Even more, since I am here, I have realized the beauty of applying the basic physics concepts in such a complex thing as the life is.

My interests here are Ensembles of oscillators and the sources of frequency variability in living systems, and applying this in modelling brain waves. The results from my work should advance our understanding of the dynamics of the cardiovascular system and the brain.

Recent work at Lancaster has illuminated the synchronization properties between interacting non-symmetrically-coupled ensembles of oscillators. It has also addressed the role of low-frequency noise in frequency-variability of oscillatory processes. Therefore my work is to investigate, theoretically and using experimental data, the origin of the time-variability. In doing so, my analysis is being based on the theory of ensembles of oscillators, the role of time-delay, and parametric modulation. I'm also also applying the most recent methods for the analysis of oscillator networks, of the effect of noise on synchronization, and of stochastic dynamics.