Nonlinear Biomedical Physics

Department of Physics

Professor Dwain Eckberg, Royal Society Visiting Fellow

Professor Dwain Eckberg

My job has had many facets. I am first a physician with specialties in internal medicine and cardiology. Before I retired, I was in charge of cardiac consultations in my hospital for four months a year. But I was also, and still am, a scientist, working with other scientists in my laboratory and elsewhere in the United States and other countries. The work with scientists from other countries continues to be very rewarding and I count many friends and collaborators around the world, including at Lancaster. In addition, I am an emeritus professor of medicine and physiology in my university.

I am deeply interested in the Christian faith, but also in philosophy, literature, history, and music - all kinds, but especially classical music. Music is incredibly important to me. When the going gets rough, there is only one composer: Johann Sebastian Bach. In literature, I am especially fond of Charles Dickens, and in history, I am fond of reading about the French Revolution.