Nonlinear Biomedical Physics

Department of Physics

Javier Cuellar - IAESTE student

Javier Cuellar

I have spent the past two months researching at the best Physics Department in United Kingdom; working with people who love what they are doing and are trying to develop something to help the rest of the world improve their lives. I think there is no need to use more words to explain my stay here.

Although I am studying Industrial Engineering in the Polythecnic University of Madrid, this experience has been outstanding for me. I now realize that I can apply all my knowledge to fields which I had not previously thought much about. In the beginning it was not obvious that biomedical physics had anything to do with systems theory or electronics, but then I realised that everything is related; what could be better than to work with the most complex system in the world, the human body?! Everyday there were new things to learn and new challenges making this one of the most worthwhile summers in my life.

August 2010