Nonlinear Biomedical Physics

Department of Physics

Miroslav Barabash - IAESTE student

Miroslav Barabash

I am a student from the Physics Faculty of the Belarusian State University, studying theoretical physics. This summer, thanks to the IAESTE exchange program, I had a great opportunity to become a part of a research group, studying nonlinear biophysical systems.

Briefly - it was a great experience. For a long time I had had dreams of feeling the challenge of a new unexplored problem, to ask Nature a specific question and get a capacious answer, to find out what am I good for in practice. To face the difficulties of real research, to set your own rules which must be strictly followed, to include a method of investigation and find the boundaries of its applicability, to create and obtain step-by-step results - from MATLAB code optimization to fundamental theoretical questions - what could be more attractive? And here, in Lancaster University Nonlinear Dynamics Group's atmosphere, all that came true.

Working here with excellent creative and curious people, it became possible to experience research in full power. Also, as other scientific subjects were studied before, the knowledge obtained during my stay in Lancaster have opened a new view on the world. And, simultaneously, confirmed the hypothesis: Nature is a unique harmonic and perfectly tuned unit, each part of which possesses simple, and fundamentally similar properties. All you need is to go up a bit and look around...

Thence, the summer in the UK was one of the most remarkable, saturated and productive. I am deeply grateful to research group fellows for the intercommunication and time spent together.

July - September, 2012