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PROPHET Postgraduate Photonics Workshop
3-5th October 2011
Physics Department
Lancaster University

PROPHET is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network and is devoted to training early stage researchers in a range of skills required for a career in photonics.

The first workshop will be held at Lancaster University and has been tailored to the needs of first year PhD students in the field of photonics. The programme will include tutorial style presentations on the fundamentals of MOVPE and MBE growth, solar cells and laser fabrication techniques as well as a full day devoted to training in communication skills.

Participation by postgraduate students from outside the PROPHET network is warmly encouraged.


  • Tony Krier (Lancaster University, UK)
  • Thomas Krauss (University of St. Andrews, UK)
  • François Lelarge (Laboratory for Photonics and Nanostructures, LPN-CNRS, France)
  • Annett Klemm (University of St. Andrews, UK)
  • Guillaume Huyet (Tyndall National Institute, Ireland)

Workshop Content

Monday 3rd October
  • Communication Skills Training Course, R. Allen, Lancaster University
  • Presenting a conference talk – getting your message across
  • Presentation technicalities, PowerPoint slides and dealing with questions
  • Writing scientific papers
  • Communicating your research to non-specialists
Tuesday 4th October
  • General introduction to solar cells T. Krauss, University of St. Andrews, UK
  • Si Technology for solar cells D.J. Rogers, Nanovation, France
  • Fundamentals of MOVPE growth U. Pohl, TU-Berlin, Germany
  • Quantum Dots U. Pohl, TU-Berlin, Germany
  • Plasma etching & deposition techniques M. Stokeley, Oxford Instruments, UK
  • Talks by students and networking
Wednesday 5th October
  • Electron beam lithography W. Whelan-Curtin, University of St. Andrews, UK
  • III-V Device fabrication S. Bouchoule, LPN-CNRS, France
  • Fundamentals of MBE growth Q. Zhuang, Lancaster University, UK
  • Nano-wires J-C. Harmand, LPN-CNRS, France
  • PROPHET discussion sessions


The full programme will run from 9am on Monday 3rd October till 5:30pm on Wednesday. Monday will be devoted to training in communication skills for early stage researchers. Technical sessions will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, finishing at Wednesday lunch-time. The discussion sessions on Wednesday afternoon are for PROPHET participants only.

Registration and Fees

(Deadline: 18th September 2011)

The registration fee for the full programme (Monday- Wednesday) including on-campus accommodation on Monday and Tuesday nights is £210.

Alternative registration options are also available for PROPHET academic and industrial participants (Tuesday and Wednesday only) and for external non-PROPHET students (Monday and Tuesday only).

How to find us

See Travel to Lancaster University and Maps.

Workshop contact

Susan Krier
Physics Dept
Lancaster University
Fax: +44 1524 844037
Email: s.krier (at)