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Project: ESR on Nanoscale and atom-scale characterisation of novel functional nanostructures for Photonics and Photovoltaics

Atif Khan

Atif registered as a PhD student at the University of Cadiz and will carry out the majority of his research in the Department of Material Science, Metallurgical Engineering and Inorganic Chemistry. This department is located within a natural park, in the Scientific and Technological Campus of Puerto Real, 10 km away of Cadiz town, with an attractive cultural and leisure environment.

The research aims to find the relation between nanostructural and functional properties, as well as growth conditions of semiconductor and plasmonic nanostructures.

These include; III-V(N) QW and QD for MIR LEDs with the incorporation of plasmonic nanoparticles (Lancaster Univ.), GaSb/InAsSb metamaterials (Montpellier Univ.) for gas sensing and III-Sb/Si for high-efficiency solar cells (Montpellier Univ. and III-V LAB). Advanced electron microscopy techniques will be used, i.e. new double aberration-corrected electron microscope (fully equipped double aberration-corrected FEI Titan3 Themis 60-300 to be installed in 2015) and an updated supercomputer, to develop new methodologies for measurements and simulations at the atom-scale. Correlation between band structure and nanoscale structural properties will be a priority.

He will be supervised by Professors of the INNANOMAT (Materials and Nanotechnology) and SIC (Computing Science) research groups of the University of Cadiz. He will work closely with other PROMIS researchers, with a number of secondment visits to these partners.

Atif completed his bachelor's in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Bangladesh. Afterwards, he moved to Finland to do his master’s in Micro-and Nanotechnology in Aalto University.

He has moved to Spain at the beginning of September, 2015 to start his career as a PROMIS ESR. In this doctoral program he will be involved mostly in TEM (transmission electron microscopy) based characterization on III-V semiconductors

Mon 21 December 2015