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Project: ESR on Nanometre Wide Avalanche Regions for High Performance Single Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs)

Salman Abdullah

Salman registered as a PhD student at the University of Sheffield and will carry out the majority of his research in the Electronic & Electrical Engineering Department, working on a new type of SPADs containing AlAsSb avalanche layers. The research will involve (i) device design, considering parameters such as detection efficiency and dark counts, (ii) device fabrication to yield robust single-element SPAD and arrays of SPAD, and (iii) electrical and optical characterisation at different temperatures. He will also work closely with ID Quantique, University of Cadiz, and Sgenia (with a number of secondment visits to these partners), to collaborate on characterisation setup calibration, TEM studies of selected wafers, and evaluation of arrays of SPADs. He will be supervised by Prof. Chee Hing Tan and Dr. Jo Shien Ng.

Salman was born in Charsadda, KPK, Pakistan in 1985. He earned his Bachelors of Engineering degree in Lasers and Optoelectronics from GIK Institute of Engineering, Pakistan in 2007. He worked as an Electronic Engineer with the GIK Institute from July 2007 till October 2010. Afterwards in January 2011 he started his work as a Researcher at the Centre for Photon Information Processing, Inha University South Korea where he also started his Masters in Electrical Engineering at the School of Electrical Engineering, Inha University (March 2011- March 2013). During his Master thesis, he worked with Laser frequency stabilization techniques and Photon Echoes as a tool for Quantum Optical data storage for future Quantum communication networks.

After completing his Masters in Electrical Engineering, Salman started working as a Scientific Collaborator (October 2013 till March 2015) on a project "Quantime" funded by the Swiss Federal Commission for Innovation and technology (CTI) in a grant to Institute of Physics, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland and a local industrial partner, Oscilloquartz (a Swatch group company). As a Scientific Collaborator on this project, he worked on the miniaturization of compact Caesium atomic clock based on Coherent Population Trapping of Cs atoms. The research work fromt this project was published in Applied Physics Letters in April 2015 (S.Abdullah et al, APL, 19,106, 2015). Salman is currently working as a Marie Curie Early stage researcher with Prof. Chee Hing Tan and Dr. Jo Shien Ng to pioneer the design and exploitation of nm-scale avalanche regions for high performance SPADs.

Mon 21 December 2015