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Project: ESR on Design and Analysis of hydrogenated and dilute N semiconductors

Reza Arkani

Research in the Photonics Theory group spans basic science through to investigations of fundamental processes limiting present day devices, and includes design and modelling of new and optimised devices. This project aims to investigate the electronic structure of dilute nitride metamorphic nanostructures grown across the PROMIS consortium. Reza will undertake calculations to establish the impact of N on the electronic structure of GaSbN and InGaAsN layers grown on GaAs and of InAsSbN grown on InAs/AlAsSb.

Detailed modeling will be undertaken of dilute nitride and of hydrogenated dilute nitride semiconductors, in order to identify how such structures can be best controlled and optimised to achieve efficient emission and absorption, supporting the development of a range of strategically important photonic materials and devices.

The work will be carried out in close collaboration with experimental materials and device development at PROMIS partners (University of Lancaster, Phillips Universität Marburg, University of Rome La Sapienza), and will include short training and collaborative visits to relevant project partners.

After finishing his studies at high school in Iran, Reza was pretty sure that he was interested in studying Electronics in university. Fortunately he could be admitted into one of renowned universities in his country in the field of Electrical Engineering, and successfully finished his BSC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. As he was interested in Optoelectronics, he decided to continue his MSc studies in Photonics. He finished his MSc studies in Photonics in Laser and Plasma Research Institute, Shahid Beheshti University. His MSc thesis was about how to optimise the performance of thin-film silicon solar cells by using photonic crystals. Reza is interested in doing such optimisation problems in engineering. After finishing his masters studies, he decided to get a PhD in photonics. Now he is a PhD student in Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork.

Reza is a fan of Liverpool FC in football and of Dallas Mavericks in basketball. He is interested in sports. He usually spend a specific time every week to exercise (football, basketball, cycling).

Mon 21 December 2015