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Discover Photonics with PROMIS in Birmingham - Saturday, 11th November 2017

PROMIS will be running a large outreach event from 10am-5pm on Saturday, 11th November 2017 at the Millennium Point in Birmingham. Situated close to the entrance to the Think Tank Museum on the second floor, our interactive stands will showcase the latest photonics research being undertaken by our Early Stage Researchers and how this is being applied in the fields of Communication, Security, Energy and the Environment.

Our researchers from across the PROMIS network will be at the event from 10am-5pm to discuss the work they are involved in and answer any questions you might have. Quizzes, fun facts, thermal images and solar powered phone charges are just a few of the activities which will highlight the importance of photonics in day-today life, while our posters and banners will outline the latest developments being made for the future!

For the latest updates, please follow us on Twitter @Promis_itn

Mon 06 November 2017