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Yunus AbdulHameedemail Research Student
Sean Ahlstromemail Research Student 93224 A521
Qusiy Al Galibyemail Research Student 93291 A13
Laith Algharagholyemail Honorary/Visiting
Aiyeshah Alhodaibemail Research Student
Alaa Alaaemail Research Student
Zain Al-Milliemail Research Student B53
Eman Almutibemail Research Student A13
Nasser Almutlaqemail Research Student 93291 A13
Oday Al-Owaediemail Research Student 93291 A13
Hayfaa Alradhiemail Research Student
Ghazi Alsharifemail Research Student 93459 B53
Dr Christopher Andersonemail Honorary/Visiting
Jake Arkinstallemail Research Student
Dr Chris Arridgeemail Research Fellow/Lecturer 93702 B71
Dr Atif Azizemail Experimental Officer 93234 C54
Dr Sarah Badmanemail Lecturer 93417
Dr Ian Baileyemail Lecturer 93742 A61a
Dr Steven Baileyemail Research Fellow 92844 C2
Thomas Banaszekemail Research Student C17
Miraslau Barabashemail Research Student
Dr Adam Bartonemail Research Associate 94548
Michael Beattieemail Research Student B51
Dr Mat Beharrellemail Senior Research Associate 10410 B504
Peter Bennettemail Sessional - Research
Dr Iain Bertramemail Professor 93611
Dr Andrew Blakeemail Lecturer in Experimental Neutrino Physic
Professor Guennadi Borissovemail Professor 94612 B16
Dr Joe Borovskyemail Honorary/Visiting
Dr Eva Bouhova-Thackeremail Research Fellow 93550
DR Christopher Bowderyemail Sessional - Teaching 93732
Dr Ian Bradleyemail Reader 93074 B76P
Dominic Brailsfordemail Research Associate
Dr David Burtonemail Lecturer 92843 C505
Patrick Cannonemail Research Student 10410
Cherry Canovanemail Research Student 93282 C17
Dr Nathan Caseemail Senior Research Associate 10410
Yu-Chen Changemail Research Student B52
Graham Chapmanemail Head of Mechanical Workshops 93078
Peter Chapmanemail Experimental Officer 10407
Professor Swapan Chattopadhyayemail Honorary/Visiting
Xi Chenemail Research Student 93291 A13
Tim Cloughemail Liquefier/Research Technician 94507 A512
Aindriu Conroyemail Research Student 93278 B51
Diana Cosmaemail Research Associate
Adam Craigemail Research Student 92222 B52
Louise Crookemail Part II Coordinator 93639 A4
Dr Thomas Dealtryemail Research Associate 92635 C64
William Dearnaleyemail Research Student
Daniel Devittemail Research Student
Dr Catherine Dievalemail Senior Research Associate
Dr Konstantinos Dimopoulosemail Reader 93645 C39
Dr Matt Doidgeemail Research Associate 92278 B43b
Dr Gareth Dorrianemail Senior Research Associate 10410 B504
Jonathan Doyleemail Research Student B504
Dr Neil Drummondemail Lecturer 92258 A35E
Dr Victor Efimovemail Honorary/Visiting
Dr Michael Entwistleemail Honorary/Visiting
Professor Walter Fairbairnemail Emeritus
Professor Vladimir Falkoemail Distinguished Professor 93180 C3
Dr Alex Finchemail Research Officer 93618 B50
Pamela Forsteremail UG & International Student Co-ordinator 94786
Dr Harald Foxemail Senior Lecturer 93616 B45
Philip Furneauxemail Schools Outreach Officer 93459 B53
Bogdan Ganchevemail Sessional - Research
Dr Richard Georgeemail Senior Research Associate 92341 C46
William Gibbyemail Research Student 93206 A11
Allan Gordonemail Project Administrator
Dr Iain Graceemail Senior Research Associate 93276 C4
Dr Jonathan Gratusemail Lecturer 94980 C33
Becky Grayemail Research Student
Dr Kathryn Grimmemail Research Associate
Dr Adrian Grocottemail Lecturer 94576
Professor Tony Guénaultemail Emeritus 93076 B70
Lynne Haleyemail Departmental Administrator 93613
Dr Richard Haleyemail Reader 93211 C65
Laura Hanksemail Research Student
Professor Mike Hapgoodemail Honorary/Visiting
Chris Harmeremail Departmental Administrator 93613 B4
Samuel Harrisonemail Research Student 94548 C27
Dr Russell Harveyemail Teaching Laboratory Manager 94279 C30
Dr Manus Hayneemail Reader 93279 A64
Jonathan Haytonemail Research Student 95750 C27
Dr Robert Hendersonemail Research Officer 93617 B49
Dr Peter Hodgsonemail Research Associate 92222
Stephen Holdenemail Assistant Storekeeper 93077
Stephen Holtemail Senior Electronics Technician 93648 C504
Professor Isobel Hookemail Professor 95234
Dr Gareth Hughesemail Emeritus C47
Stephanie Huntingtonemail Sessional - Research 93291
Professor Hyunsik Imemail Honorary/Visiting
Shonah Ionemail Departmental Superintendent 93650 A18
Sandra Irvingemail Postgraduate Coordinator 92067 A14
Ali Ismaelemail Research Student A13
Khalid Ismaelemail Sessional - Research
Juanita James Asirvathamemail Research Student 94750 C27
Michael Jayemail Research Student
Zhi-Ming Jinemail Research Student
Yongcheol Joemail Honorary/Visiting
Alex Jonesemail Research Student
Professor Roger William Lewis Jonesemail Professor 94487 A40E
Dr Vakhtang Kartvelishviliemail Reader 93069 B31
Dr Igor Kaufmanemail Honorary/Visiting
Nicholas Kayemail Research Student 94548 B56
Ahmad Kazmiemail Research Student A13
James Keenemail Research Student
Dr Manoj Kesariaemail Senior Research Associate 92780 C51
Narjes Kheirabadiemail Research Student
Dr Joe Kinradeemail Senior Research Associate
Alasdair Knoxemail Research Student
Professor Oleg Kolosovemail Professor of Nanoscience 93619
Dr Laura Kormosemail Senior Lecturer 93352
Dr Maxim Korostelevemail Senior Research Associate
Professor Michael Koschemail Professor 10404
Dr Alexander Kozorezovemail Senior Research Fellow 93210 B71
Professor Anthony Krieremail Professor 93651 A34
Dr Susan Krieremail Sessional - Research 94607
Roshan Krishna Kumaremail Research Student
Professor Colin Lambertemail Research Professor 93059
Iain Lamontemail Research Student 93278 B51
Gemma Lancasteremail Research Student 93206 A11
Thomas Laneemail Sessional - Research
Hannah Laurensemail Research Student
Matthew Laweemail Research Associate 92635 C64
Dr Stuart Lawsonemail Research Officer 93213 C47
Dr Peter Leeemail Emeritus
Veronica Letkaemail Research Student
Robin Lewseyemail Senior Admin Assistant (Finance/IT) 94584 A9
Adam Listeremail Research Student B51
Dr Robin Longemail Senior Research Associate 92278
Dr Peter Loveemail Senior Research Fellow 93550
Qi Luemail Research Associate 94750
Maxime Lucasemail Research Student
Dr Dmitrii Luchinskyemail Senior Research Fellow 94603 A59
Professor David Lythemail Emeritus 93210 B71
Harvey Maddocksemail Research Student 93278 B51
Matthew Malcomsonemail Research Student A13
Simon Malzardemail Research Student
Dr David Zsolt Manriqueemail Senior Research Associate 93995 C6
Dr Steven Marpleemail Senior Research Associate
Dr Andrew Marshallemail Research Fellow 94072 B73
Carley Martinemail Research Student
Dr Anupam Mazumdaremail Reader 94928 B38
Riccardo Mazzoccoemail Research Student 93289 C29
Dr Edward McCannemail Reader 93930 C15
Professor Peter McClintockemail Emeritus 93073 A59P
Dr John McDonaldemail Reader 92845 C21
Joseph McNamaraemail Sessional - Research
Ian Merceremail Research Technician 93078 A507
Dr Hubert Pollockemail Emeritus Reader in Surface Physics A56
Denise Montesdeoca Cardenesemail Early Stage Marie Curie Researcher in Ex
Elaheh Mostaaniemail Research Student A13
Frederic Moutonemail MSc (research)
Dr Daniel Muenstermannemail Research Fellow
Dr David Newtonemail Emeritus
Theo Nobleemail Research Student A45
Yasir Nooriemail Research Student C57
Mohammed Nooriemail Research Student
Dr Jaroslaw Nowakemail Lecturer 92743 A53
Dr Helen O'Keeffeemail Lecturer 93223 B74
Kylie O'Sheaemail Research Student 92215 C27
Charlotte Owenemail Research Student
Adam Parkeremail Research Student B51
Matthew Parnellemail Research Student B51
Professor Yuri Pashkinemail Professor 93268 C48
Professor George Pickettemail Distinguished Professor 93070
Aleksandra Piddeemail Research Associate
Dr Charles Poliemail Senior Research Associate C63
Dr Leonid Ponomarenkoemail Research Fellow/Reader 93717 B72
Dr Malcolm Pooleemail Senior Research Associate B53
Dr Jonathan Pranceemail Lecturer 94972 C56P
Saleh Qutubemail Research Student B51
Fiona Rambridgeemail Teaching Laboratory Technician 94582
Professor Peter Ratoffemail Director of the Cockcroft Institute 93649
Matthew Reevesemail Research Student B51
Eva Repiso Menendezemail Early Stage Marie Curie Researcher in Ex
Jonny Robertsemail Research Student C57
Dr Benjamin Robinsonemail Senior Research Associate 93218 C50
Dr Alexander Robsonemail Research Associate 93797
Dr Neil Rogersemail Senior Research Associate 10407 B72
Arron Rumseyemail MPhil
Hatef Sadeghiemail Research Student 93291 A23
Matthew Sarsbyemail Research Student A521
Dr Roch Schanenemail Research Associate 93076 B70
Professor Henning Schomerusemail Professor 93281 B11
Julie Scottemail Departmental Assistant 93079 A6
Dave Shawemail Research Student B56
David Shawemail Sessional - Research
Dr Yury Sherkunovemail Senior Research Associate C63
Maros Skybaemail Research Student A521
Professor Terence Sloanemail Emeritus
Dr Maria Smizanskaemail Senior Research Fellow
Dr Kyrylo Snizhkoemail Senior Research Associate
Dr Christopher Somertonemail Technician 92992 B53
Dr Yasir Soobiahemail Honorary/Visiting
Dr Stanislav Soskinemail Honorary/Visiting
Luke Southwellemail Research Student B51
Professor David Southwoodemail Honorary/Visiting
Jean Spieceemail Research Student
Dr Tomislav Stankovskiemail Honorary/Visiting 92268
John Statteremail Technician 93648 C504
Professor Aneta Stefanovskaemail Professor 92784 C507
Phelton Stephensonemail Apprentice Mechanical Technician A507
Alan Stokesemail Mechanical Engineering Technician A520
Mek Szponarskiemail Research Student B504
Marcin Szyniszewskiemail Research Student 92639 A13
Spyridon Talaganisemail Research Student 94548 B56
Ilia Teimouriemail Research Student B56
Dr Michael Thompsonemail Senior Research Associate 95249
Valentina Ticcinelliemail Research Student 93206 A11
Claire Tinker-Millemail Research Student 92084 C27
Ofogh Tiznoemail Research Student C44
Dr Peter Toveeemail Research Associate 93218 C50
Dr Raoul Trinesemail Honorary/Visiting
Dr Viktor Tsepelinemail Reader in Low Temperature Physics 93757 B76P
Professor Robin Tuckeremail Emeritus 93610 C12
Dr Norman Turneremail Honorary/Visiting
Dr Uchechukwu Vincentemail Honorary/Visiting
Jakub Vonkaemail Research Student
Dr James Walderemail Senior Research Associate 92278
John Wallbankemail Research Associate 93291
Lingfei Wangemail Research Student 93278 B51
Martin Wardemail Deputy Superintendent 93459 A520
Andy Whartonemail Research Student 93278 B51
Professor John Wigmoreemail Emeritus 93075 A31
Professor Jim Wildemail Professor 10545
Ian Wilkesemail Research Student 94653 B53
Grainne Wilkinsonemail Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator 92261 A16
Ashley Wilsonemail Apprentice Electronics Technician 93648 C504
Christopher Woodheademail Research Student C57
Andrew Woodsemail Research Student A521
Nathan Woollettemail Research Student 92222 B52
Dr Yosuke Yamazaki (YY)email Research Associate 10410
Matthew Youngemail Research Student 93104 C57
Dr Robert Youngemail Research Fellow/Lecturer 92222 C62
Dr Qiandong Zhuangemail Senior Lecturer 94198 C37
Dr Dmitriy Zmeevemail Senior Research Associate
Dr Viktor Zolyomiemail Senior Research Associate 92666 C63