Training School on the Gollum Quantum Transport Code
University of Oviedo, Spain
May 20 - May 22, 2015


The first Gollum school is held between 20 and 22, May 2015 in Oviedo university. Over 30 participents attended the school. School started by an introduction to quantum scattering theory given by Prof. Lambert. It was then followed by introduction to tight-binding calculation using Gollum given by Hatef Sadeghi and hands-on section by Dr. Sara Sangtarash. The introdution to Gollum including gollum capabilities and functionalities as well as the conventions used in Gollum were presented by Prof. Ferrer in the second day of the school. This followed by more advanced tight-binding calculation using Gollum given by Hatef Sadeghi. The introduction to DFT and particularly Siesta which interfaced to Gollum were presented by Dr. García-Suárez. Then the participants were given instructions to run the siesta and produce the mean field Hamiltonian of several systems and calculate the electrical properties. The last date of the school started with more DFT examples given by Dr. García-Suárez. This section followed by introdution of the tools available in Gollum package e.g. gollum input generator to make the code more user friendly and easy to use which were given by Dr. Steven Bailey and Dr. Sara Sangtarash.








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