GOLLUM is a program that computes the charge, spin and thermal transport properties of multi-terminal nano-scale junctions.

The program can compute transport properties of either user-defined systems described by a tight-binding Hamiltonian, or more material-specific properties of systems composed of real atoms described by DFT Hamiltonians.

We are happy to announce the release of GOLLUM 1.1.

Users are encouraged to use this version for production runs.

All new submission after 2nd March 2015 will be recived the new version.

The current GOLLUM users will receive a link to download new version of the code.

The current GOLLUM users note that GOLLUM 1.1 includes important changes which are reflected in the examples files. Using the examples from older versions of GOLLUM will not give accurate results with GOLLUM 1.1. Also the mean field Hamiltonian obtained from Siesta has to be converted with new interface-to-siesta come with version 1.1.

Thanks for your interest in GOLLUM; a next generation quantum transport simulation tool.


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