Cosmology Seminar

Rose Lerner, Helsinki University

Wednesday 20 June 2012, 1400-1500
C1 Physics Building

Non-perturbative decay of the curvaton into Higgs

In the curvaton scenario, the primordial density perturbations originate from a second scalar field, rather than the inflaton. In this scenario, it is necessary that the curvaton field decays very late after the end of inflation. We investigate a simple model where the curvaton is coupled only to the Higgs. In this case, a non-perturbative decay of the curvaton is expected, which is usually a fast process. However, thermal corrections to the Higgs mass due to the thermal background provided by the inflaton can delay the non-perturbative effects. Therefore, there may be a natural mechanism to achieve the necessary late decay of the curvaton.