Rutherford and 100 years of nuclear physics

Dr Peter Ford MBE, University of Bath & Chair of the IOP History of Physics Group

Wednesday 09 November 2011, 1630-2100
Management School Building

In 1911 Ernest Rutherford proposed that the results of the alpha particle scattering experiment carried out by undergraduate Ernest Marsden could best be explained if atoms had a tiny nucleus at the centre. Thus was born nuclear physics. Although this is seen as a Manchester triumph, we can be proud of a Lancashire connection because Marsden was born and grew up in Rishton, near Blackburn. Join us as we celebrate a century of nuclear physics.

Date/time: Wednesday 9th November Venue: Management School Lecture Theatre 3

Afternoon Speaker (4.30pm): Dr Peter Ford MBE (University of Bath & Chair of the IOP History of Physics Group) Title: 100 Years of Rutherford and the Nucleus

In the evening we have two speakers, talks starting at 6.30pm and including rare audio and video clips about Rutherford:

Evening Speaker (1): Dr Peter Rowlands (University of Liverpool) Title: Chadwick and Nuclear Physics in Wartime

Evening Speaker (2): Dr Neil Todd (University of Manchester) Title: Rutherford in Manchester: Radio-archaeological perspectives

Staff, students and the public are invited - especially you! Refreshments will be provided between the two talks Organised as a Physics Dept Colloquium in association with IOP Lancashire & Cumbria Branch