SPEARS Seminar: Sprites and Energetic Radiation Above Thunderstorms

Dr. Martin Fullekrug, University of Bath

Tuesday 03 May 2011, 1400-1600
Lecture Theatre 4, Management School Building

The discovery of transient airglows above thunderstorms, known as sprites and jets, have shed a fresh new light on a 'terra incognita' in the Earth's atmosphere, the area above thunderstorms.

The fast discovery pace of novel phenomena such as energetic radiation, relativistic particles and antimatter emanating from inside and above thunderclouds marks a profound advance in our understanding of the Earth's atmospheric electrodynamic behaviour: namely, the discoveries mandate the inclusion of cosmic rays, relativistic electron beams, large scales, and energetic feedback processes in our thinking about the Earth's atmosphere, perhaps best collectively summarised as relativistic atmospheric electrodynamics.