The SHiP experiment proposal for CERN SPS

Dr. Mario Campanelli, UCL

Monday 14 December 2015, 1600-1700
Lecture Theatre 6, Management School Building

An alternative approach to physics beyond the Standard Model is assuming that new particles belong to a "hidden sector", with very small interaction with the ordinary ones. The existence of this sector would manifest itself through The usual phenomenology if these states is the presence of a "secondary" vertex that could be several meters or more from the particle production point. Searches for long-lived signatures have been so far limited by the detector size, and could be strongly improved using a dedicated detector placed several tens of meters downstream the possible production of such particles. The SHiP collaboration is currently proposing a fixed-target beam-dump experiment using a new beamline from CERN SPS, where neutrino from the decay of charmed bosons are allowed to travel in a decay tunnel, before finally producing observable particles to be measured in a spectrometer. The main goals and design principles of this detector, as well as the current status of the proposal, will be discussed.