ArgoNeuT & LArIAT: Towards Big Physics through Small LArTPCs

Dr Andrzej Szelc, University of Manchaster

Friday 19 February 2016, 1400-1500
Cavendish Colloquium Room

The liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber (LArTPC) is one of the most promising detector technologies in neutrino physics. It is the technology of choice for DUNE, the multi-kton long baseline neutrino experiment to be built in the US in the next decade. However, the precision of 3D and calorimetric reconstruction of these detectors allows exciting physics measurements even with detectors of almost table-top size. An example is the ArgoNeuT detector, the first LArTPC in a neutrino beam in the US, which has provided valuable insight into how neutrinos interact and the workings of a liquid argon detector in a medium energy neutrino beam. The ArgoNeuT cryostat and TPC are now being reused as the LArIAT detector which aims to expand our understanding of LAr technology even further by running on a charged particle beam in Fermilab. In this talk I will present the results for ArgoNeuT and LArIAT and their context in the US-based liquid argon neutrino programme.