Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

Prof Yoonseok Lee, University of Florida

Friday 03 July 2015, 1500-1600
C1 Physics Building

Micro-machined Mechanical Oscillators for Quasi-particle Generation and Detection in Superfluid 3He

Micro-machined comb-drive mechanical or MEMS oscillators have been developed for the study of quantum fluids. Our study in superfluid 3He-B demonstrated its capabilities as a sensitive quasi-particle flux detector and also an effective quasi-particle generator. These micro-meter scale devices allow manipulation and detection of quasi-particles in the zero temperature limit. Therefore, it is natural to conceive a scheme to build angle-resolved or space-momentum resolved 3He quasi-particle detectors in the form of array of resonators. This type of detectors could play an important role in revealing detailed structure of excitations or visualizing vortices in quantum fluids. We will discuss the working principle and design of the device and our recent results from a single oscillator in 3He-B. Then a brief discussion of the array detectors in production will follow.