Montana Instruments Optical Seminar

Ben Parker, Montana Instruments

Thursday 07 May 2015, 1230-1330
C36 Physics Building

You are invited to the Montana Instruments Optical Cryostat seminar which is being held at Lancaster University next Thursday 7th May 2015.

Montana Instruments is a manufacturer of ultra-low vibration closed-cycle optical cryostats for research and industry. Their flagship product, the Cryostation, has a temperature range of 3.2-350 K, vibrations of < 5 nm (peak-to-peak) and excellent temperature stability (± 5 mK); as well as great optical access, a modular sample space and fully automated control. The Cryostation is also available with a number of options, such as:

* Magento-optic module (for magnetic fields up to 1.4 Tesla)

* RF, fibre, DC and gas feedthroughs

* Low working distance configuration (