EPP Seminar: Exploring the Neutrino Physics Landscape with MicroBooNE

Dr Georgia Karagiorgi, The University of Manchester

Friday 01 May 2015, 1330-1500
C1 Physics Building

Exploring the Neutrino Physics Landscape with MicroBooNE

A tremendous amount of progress has been made in the field of neutrino physics over the past decade. However, the questions of (1) sterile neutrinos, (2) leptonic CP violation and (3) neutrino mass hierarchy still remain, and form three of the most pressing issues in the field. The MicroBooNE liquid argon time projection chamber is the first in line of next-generation experiments that aim to address those questions. I will discuss MicroBooNE's role and physics reach within the context of those questions, and pay particular focus to MicroBooNE's ability to address, within the next 3-5 years, the past experimental hints for the existence of sterile neutrinos. Finally, I will describe other ongoing efforts--both theoretical and experimental--which aim to further investigate our global picture of neutrino physics.