EPP & Accelerator Seminar: The SuperKEKB Positron Source Design and Construction

Dr Lei Zang, Sheffield University

Friday 21 November 2014, 1330-1500
C1 Physics Building

The SuperKEKB’s design luminosity is 40 times greater than that of KEKB.

In order to achieve that, a positron source upgrade is one of the major

challenges for the injector Linac. The positron bunch intensity needs to

be increased from 1nC to 4nC by improving the positron capture

efficiency. Flux Concentrator (FC) is a pulsed solenoid that can

generate high magnetic field of several Tesla and is often used for

focusing positrons emerged from a production target. With this device,

high capture efficiency can be achieved. After the operation in a test

stand, the FC assembly has been installed in the beam line. An operation

of the upgraded positron source has been started in May 2014. In this

talk, an overview of the SuperKEKB positron source design, test and

construction will be presented.