Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

Professor Andy Evans, Aberystwyth University

Friday 31 October 2014, 1500-1600
C1 Physics Building

“Graphene and diamond: the perfect match?”

Diamond and graphene have many unique and exploitable properties, but there are many challenges in making materials and devices that can use these properties. For example, graphene can be grown on many substrates with increasing control and quality; on metals, the carbon is sourced from the gas phase, while the substrate itself provides the source of carbon for growth on SiC. We have developed a hybrid method using nanoscale metal films on SiC and diamond that reduces the growth temperature, maintains epitaxy and provides controllable growth of single and multilayer graphene films of high structural and electronic quality. This has been enabled using in-situ and real-time monitoring of surface processing using a range of photoelectron-based methods.