Public lecture: The Bizarre World of Low Temperature Physics

Prof George Pickett and Prof David Lee, Lancaster University and Texas A&M University

Monday 30 June 2014, 1815-2100
Faraday Lecture Theatre

Ultralow-temperature physics is a Lancaster University speciality. We hold many world records and can reach temperatures down to a few millionths of a degree above absolute zero. Here, materials behave bizarrely. Fluids become friction-free and can run uphill. These are "superfluids", which also mimic the structure of the Universe allowing us to investigate "table top" cosmology and the early Universe.

Professor George Pickett FRS will give a lecture with demonstrations, advanced hardware and computer animations illustrating this bizarre world and Lancaster's part in it. Professor Pickett will be joined by Professor David Lee from Texas, Lancaster's only Nobel Laureate honorary graduate, whose Nobel Prize citation referred to contributions by the Lancaster group.

This fascinating lecture will be complimented by tours of our facilities for ultralow temperature research and the 50-tonne machines in their energy-proof environments which we use to reach these very low temperatures.