Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

Dr Mark Scullion, University of York

Friday 25 October 2013, 1500-1600
C1 Physics Building

"Exploring the Biological World Using Photonic Biosensors" - C1, 3pm

Several photonic devices have been shown to be of promise as biosensors, capable of detecting proteins, DNA, cells and other biological materials with high sensitivity. The dream within this field is to mass-produce small ‘lab-on-a-chip’ sensors cheaply such that they would be widely used in areas such as hospitals, airports and drug discovery. I will present a biosensor which we have developed in recent years based on photonic crystals and integrated microfluidic channels. Slotted photonic crystals allow the strong confinement of light within 100 nanometre wide regions of air, significantly enhancing the sensitivity and compactness of the sensor area. I will also briefly discuss some of our current collaborations to probe real biological problems using the advantages offered by photonic crystals.”