HEP Seminar: Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration

Dr Guoxing Xia, University of Manchester / Cockroft Institute

Friday 02 November 2012, 1345-1500
Cavendish Colloquium Room

The high energy physics community is eagerly looking forward to building a dedicated Higgs factory. However, any proposed new energy frontier machines like ILC or CLIC will take nearly decade time and billions of pounds to build.

Proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration (PDPWA) has been recently proposed as a mean to bring a bunch of electrons to the energy frontier (TeV) in a single stage of acceleration. The idea is to couple the huge amount of energies stored at the current proton synchrotron to an externally injected witness beam (electrons). We therefore proposed a new experiment to test this scheme by using the CERN SPS beam (AWAKE project at CERN).