HEP Seminar: Search for particles decaying to tt̅ pairs using the ATLAS detector at CERN

Dr Robin Long, Department of Physics, Lancaster University

Friday 30 November 2012, 1345-1500
Cavendish Colloquium Room

The aim of this research is to find new particles decaying to tt̅ pairs in the high mass regions of order 1 TeV. This is performed using di-lepton final states in the ATLAS detector at the LHC. The data has been collected in autumn 2010, amounting to approximately 35 pb-1 of usable data. The analysis achieves efficiencies of 22% to 47% in the four decay channels considered and detects a total of 105 candidate events with 91 ± 9 events expected. The total impurity of the selected sample is between 11% and 15%. In these samples no evidence is yet seen to suggest the existence of new high mass particles decaying to tt̅ pairs.