HEP Seminar: The EDELWEISS dark matter search: Latest results and future plans

Dr Samuel Henry, Oxford University

Friday 07 December 2012, 1345-1500
Cavendish Colloquium Room

Dark matter experiments have now reached the sensitivity required to search for neutralino WIMPs. Cryogenic detectors are the ideal instruments for this, as by operating at millikelvin temperature they can achieve an excellent sensitivity, resolution, energy threshold and background discrimination. I will discuss the latest low energy results from EDELWEISS II, from data taken with an array of ten 400g germanium detectors with interleaved electrodes. The next phase of the experiment - EDELWEISS III is now building up a 40kg array of improved FID detectors, and aims to reach a limit of below 5×10E-9 pb. This will be followed by EURECA, a Europe wide collaboration aiming to build a tonne scale dark matter experiment to reach even further.