HEP Seminar: Studying CP violation in Charm Decays

Dr Adrian Bevan, Queen Mary, University of London

Friday 22 February 2013, 1345-1500
Elizabeth Livingstone Lecture Theatre (Bowland North)

Over the past 49 years physicists have studied CP violation in down quark transitions via K and B meson decay. These results define our knowledge of the CKM matrix, and led to Kobayashi and Maskawa receiving a share of the 2008 Nobel Prize for their underlying model of quark flavour changing interactions. A systematic study of CP violation in up quark transitions is missing, and this can be achieved via studies of CP violation in charm decays. I will outline how these measurements should be done over the next few decades and what we might learn from them. I also summarise prospects of testing how the quantum arrow of time behaves for the weak interaction in terms of up and down type quark transitions.