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Latkowska, M. et al.
Temperature dependence of photoluminescence from InNAsSb layers: The role of localized and free carrier emission in determination of temperature dependence of energy gap
Applied Physics Letters 102, 122109-122105 (2013)

Kozlova, N. V. et al.
Nonresonant hydrogen dopants in In(AsN): A route to high electron concentrations and mobilities
Physical Review B 87, 165207 (2013)

Kozlova, N. V. et al.
Linear magnetoresistance due to multiple-electron scattering by low-mobility islands in an inhomogeneous conductor
Nat Commun 3, 1097 (2012)

Velichko,A.V. et. al
H-tailored surface conductivity in narrow band gap In(AsN)
Applied Physics Letters, 106 (2015) 022111

Kesaria, M
In(AsN) mid-infrared emission enhanced by rapid thermal annealing
Infrared Physics and Technology, 68 (2015) 132